BOS Nidhi Daily Deposit Scheme

A small savings scheme was introduced to promote investment habits in people. In this scheme, the customers can keep adding to their bank balance a small or big amount of their choice and it is particularly helpful for people who work on a daily wage basis and also among small income groups. They can keep their bank accounts active by contributing even with small amounts below Rs. 100. Almost 90% of the deposit can be availed as a loan. The customers don't need to come to our branch to deposit the money, as they can hand it over to our collection agents who will go to them and collect the amount. Every day our agent will come to collect the deposit and issue an on-the-spot deposit receipt. The deposit is to be maintained for a minimum period of one year and no withdrawal or closing of the account is permitted within one year of opening the account. Minimum interest is paid on the daily deposit schemes.


  • Any person can start with daily deposits.
  • You get both short-term & Long Term Tenure options.
  • Interest gained on your investment is fixed. So, you'll know how much money you'll get after maturity.
  • You can also easily calculate interest added as per your deposits.
  • Since this scheme is for small income groups, one can withdraw their premature amount in case of a financial emergency.
  • You can get loans on accumulated deposits.

Terms & Conditions

  • The minimum amount accepted for deposit is Rs.
  • The deposits made in the name of a minor may be operated upon or withdrawn by the person making the deposit and representing the minor as his/her guardian.
  • In case of demise of such guardian, any other person claiming as guardian shall not be entitled to operate upon or withdraw the deposit unless permitted by the Board of Directors, which shall be at their discretion.
  • Money paid to such guardians shall afford a complete discharge to the Fund for payment of the deposit and shall not be questioned by a minor or by anyone on his/her behalf.

Required Documents

  • 2 Photographs (Passport size)
  • Xerox copies of PAN card.
  • Address Proof (Ration Card, Passport, Electricity Bill)
  • Photo Identification Proof (Passport, Voter ID, Driving License)

Our Plans

FD-06 FD-12 FD-24 FD-36 FD-48 FD-60
06 Month ROI@9.00% 12 Month ROI@9.00% 24 Month ROI@9.00% 36 Month ROI@9.00% 48 Month ROI@9.00% 60 Month ROI@9.00%
Deposit Amount (₹) Maturity Amt (₹) Maturity Amt (₹) Maturity Amt (₹) Maturity Amt (₹) Maturity Amt (₹) Maturity Amt (₹)
1000/- 1030/- 1093/- 1208/- 1348/- 1519/- 1728/-
3000/- 3091/- 3281/- 3625/- 4044/- 4557/- 5181/-
5000/- 5151/- 5469/- 6041/- 6740/- 7595/- 8644/-
10000/- 10303/- 10938/- 12083/- 13481/- 15191/- 17289/-
30000/- 30911/- 32814/- 36250/- 40445/- 45575/- 51867/-
50000/- 51518/- 54690/- 60417/- 67409/- 75959/- 86445/-
100000/- 103037/- 109380/- 120834/- 134818/- 151918/- 172891/-
300000/- 309113/- 328142/- 362503/- 404454/- 455755/- 518674/-
500000/- 515188/- 546903/- 604172/- 674090/- 759591/- 864457/-
1000000 1030377/- 1093806/- 1208345/- 1348181/- 1519183/- 1728915/-

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