BOS Nidhi Shishu Vikas Yojana Scheme

The Government of India launched this program to provide financial protection in health, life and education to poor & deprived rural children. These families hope the best for their children but their precarious financial situation makes it hard for them. Under this program, the government will give these families financial help for their children's health and education, helping them to raise their kids without complications. As per information obtained from reliable sources, the government plans to provide this scheme to around 2070 crore families nationwide. We are helping families access the government schemes.

Benefits of SVY

    • Health Insurance

      Children are provided with access to necessary healthcare services, including regular check-ups, immunizations, nutritional support, receive timely and preventive care, and protected families from high medical costs, promoting their well-being and development. This scheme aims to address health-related challenges faced by children in marginalized communities. It's a very small amount for a child. SVY helps individuals to invest in their future without the fear of catastrophic financial setbacks.

    • Benefits of HI under SVY

      • Health Protection for Students till the age of 18 Years
      • Sum Insured (INR): Upto ₹25000
      • Digital Platform: Easy to Apply
      • Small illness, Daycare Cover
      • Claim Settlement: 60 Days to 90 Days
    • Basic Plan Details

      • Policy Term - Till the age of 18 Years (Renewal Required every year)
      • Sum Insured - 25000/- Per year
      • Room Charges - Maximum 300/- Per Day
      • OPD (Doctor Visit & Nursing Charges) - Maximum 500/- Per Day
      • Pre Hospitalization medical expense - None
      • Post Hospitalization medical expense - 10 Days (maximum ₹1000)
      • Daycare Treatment (Normal Illness) - Maximum INR 2500 cover
      • Daycare Treatment (Critical Illness) - Maximum INR 5000 cover
      • Diagnostic Expense - Maximum INR 1750 cover
      • ICU Charges - Maximum 2% of SI Per Day
    • Documents required for Health Claim

      • Claim form
      • Doctor's report, Bill
      • Any Other Relevant documents if any
      • Aadhar Card
      • Bank Details
    • PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)

        This insurance coverage provides financial protection in the event of an accident that results in bodily injury or death. PAI can provide valuable financial protection in the event of unforeseen accidents.

    • Benefits of PAI under SVY

      • Protection for -
      • Student 10,000 to 1 lakh,
      • Mother 10,000 to 1 lakh,
      • Father 10,000 to 1 lakh
      • Digital Platform: Easy to Apply
      • Claim Settlement: 90 Days to 120 Days
    • Basic Terms and Conditions

      • Cover

        • If the insured person dies as a direct result of an accident covered by the policy, a lump sum benefit is paid to the insured person's nominee. This is often a substantial sum intended to provide financial support to the deceased person's family.
        • If the insured person becomes permanently disabled due to an accident, the policy may pay a lump sum benefit. Permanent total disability typically means the insured person is unable to engage in any gainful employment for the rest of their life.
      • Not Cover

        • Self-Inflicted Injuries: Injuries or disabilities that are self-inflicted are typically not covered by personal accident insurance.
        • Pre-Existing Conditions: Personal accident insurance typically does not cover injuries or disabilities related to pre-existing medical conditions that were not disclosed at the time of policy purchase.
        • Illness: Personal accident insurance is designed to cover accidents, not illnesses. Therefore, medical conditions or injuries resulting from illness are usually not covered.
        • War and Terrorism: Injuries or disabilities resulting from acts of war, terrorism, or warlike operations are typically excluded.
        • Under the Influence: Accidents that occur while the insured person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs not prescribed by a medical professional may not be covered.
        • Criminal Acts: Injuries resulting from an insured person's participation in a criminal act may be excluded from coverage.
        • Motor Racing: Participation in organized motor racing events, whether as a driver or passenger, is usually not covered.
        • Natural Death
    • Documents required for PAI

      • Claim form
      • Photo of Death Ceremony
      • Death Certificate
      • Doctor's report, Bill
      • Police Report/Post-mortem report
      • Any other Relevant document if Any
      • Bank Details
    • Higher Education Scholarship

      A Higher Education Scholarship is a financial award or grant provided to individuals pursuing post-secondary(after 10+2) education at colleges, universities, or other institutions of higher learning. Our scholarships are typically based on a variety of criteria, including academic achievement, extracurricular activities, community involvement, specific skills or talents, or financial need.

    • Benefits of HES under SVY

      • Cover: Collage fee Up to 5 Lakh
      • Directly Transfer to College
      • Digital Platform: Easy to Apply
      • Claim Settlement: 120 Days to 180 Days
    • Basic Terms and Conditions

      • Family Income should be less than 5 lacks at the time of application.
      • you need to maintain a 60% minimum percentage or grade point average in 10th and 12th.
      • SVYHES also consider scores in competitive exams
      • A minimum of 2 years is required to apply for HES after the card is generated.
    • Documents required for HES

      • Class X and XII Mark Sheets(mandatory)
      • ITR and Income proof (mandatory)
      • Endorsement Certificate in the prescribed format, signed by the Principal of the College/Director of the Institute/Registrar of the University (mandatory).
      • Admission Receipt
      • Student’s PAN Card
      • Both Guardian’s PAN Card
      • Student’s Aadhaar Card
      • Both Guardian’s Aadhaar Card
      • The relevant page of the brochure/document detaining the course fee/tuition fee
    • Girls Special Scholarship

      In India, many girls still face barriers when it comes to proper education. One way to address this issue is by offering scholarships that are specifically designed for girls. By increasing their access to high-quality education, we can help facilitate personal growth and development for girls and promote progress at a national level.

    • Our contribution to encourage girls Education & Empowerment

      • ₹900 to ₹3000 After admission in Class 6
      • ₹900 to ₹5000 After admission in Class 8
      • ₹900 to ₹7000 After admission in Class 10
      • ₹2500 to ₹2 Lakh after age of 21 Year of for self Employment
    • Basic Terms and Conditions

      • Family Income should be less than 5 lacks at the time of application.
      • you need to maintain a 50% minimum percentage in 5th,7th or 9th.
      • Only one scholarship is allowed per girls student.
      • A minimum of 30 days is required to apply SVYGSS after the generated (The application date will be given by A3N).
      • Only Student accounts or joint account accounts are accepted for the Girl Special Scholarship.
    • Incentive amount under GSS

      • For 6th class student ₹900 to ₹3000
      • For 8th class student ₹900 to ₹5000
      • For 10th class student ₹900 to ₹7000
    • Documents required for GSS

      • Previous class mark sheet (mandatory)
      • Current class admission receipt (mandatory)
      • Student’s Aadhaar Card
      • Bank Passbook

Terms & Conditions

  • The minimum amount accepted for deposit is Rs.

Required Documents

  • Photographs (Passport size)

Our Plans

FD-06 FD-12 FD-24 FD-36 FD-48 FD-60
06 Month ROI@9.00% 12 Month ROI@9.00% 24 Month ROI@9.00% 36 Month ROI@9.00% 48 Month ROI@9.00% 60 Month ROI@9.00%
Deposit Amount (₹) Maturity Amt (₹) Maturity Amt (₹) Maturity Amt (₹) Maturity Amt (₹) Maturity Amt (₹) Maturity Amt (₹)
1000/- 1030/- 1093/- 1208/- 1348/- 1519/- 1728/-
3000/- 3091/- 3281/- 3625/- 4044/- 4557/- 5181/-
5000/- 5151/- 5469/- 6041/- 6740/- 7595/- 8644/-
10000/- 10303/- 10938/- 12083/- 13481/- 15191/- 17289/-
30000/- 30911/- 32814/- 36250/- 40445/- 45575/- 51867/-
50000/- 51518/- 54690/- 60417/- 67409/- 75959/- 86445/-
100000/- 103037/- 109380/- 120834/- 134818/- 151918/- 172891/-
300000/- 309113/- 328142/- 362503/- 404454/- 455755/- 518674/-
500000/- 515188/- 546903/- 604172/- 674090/- 759591/- 864457/-
1000000 1030377/- 1093806/- 1208345/- 1348181/- 1519183/- 1728915/-

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